In ancient Rome, Antevorta was the goddess of the future. She was present when a baby was born head first, therefore, looking towards a good future for that blessed little one. Today, we have the potential for a business, a company, a brand to let the head go first. But it can’t be left up to luck. It takes good business strategy and understanding of what is relevant, right and fair for everyone.

The Antevort Report is a small attempt by People Ideas & Culture at letting us understand the context where businesses need to live in the 21st century.

Welcome to a new world

The vastness of the unprecedented social, ecological, and political threats we are facing as a humanity is clear.

We all know that everyone has a role to play if we’re going to solve these issues. But, business is uniquely positioned to create meaningful change through economic, environmental, and social actions that can help us all thrive for generations to come. The so-called “purpose-driven” businesses are already outperforming their competition. It is more clear than ever that long-term business success is directly related to its mission to create benefits for people and communities, while respecting the boundaries of the planet.  The public is increasingly informed, aware, and critical of the impact of business activities on society, pushing corporations to act responsibly. COVID-19 has only increased this awareness. Employees want to work for purpose-minded companies, consumers want to buy from them, and investors to take a stake in their success. This is only going to increase. Companies that dismiss these trends will be dismissed by the public. They won’t exist in the next decades or maybe not even in the next few years. The world of business is changing for good. Businesses of every size, from Fortune 500s to startups, are starting to embrace the notion that a corporation’s role is to create benefits for all stakeholders, not just for shareholders. 

This requires huge shifts from businesses. While many have the ambition to do something, and even realize they have to, the challenges are new and complex and there is no one-size-fits-all solution. In fact, becoming a sustainable company requires a holistic change, impacting every part of the business. Many ask themselves: How can my business improve its impact on people and the planet, while securing our profits and longevity? We went out to get answers from the people who’ve been there, done that. It is their stories that can inspire true change.

We conducted one-on-one interviews with 40+ sustainability leaders all over the world, including CSR managers, entrepreneurs, designers, CMOs, CEOs, nonprofits, tea producers, artists, farmers, restaurant owners, academics, innovation consultants, chefs, politicians and many more. Naturally, for these thought-leaders, purpose and profit go hand in hand.

This report is inspired by these stories and is our interpretation of the state of affairs. This is not about doing good. It’s about responsible business practices that are crucial for the sake of our planet and society, but also for the survival of businesses. Sustainability is a good business strategy, and soon to be the new norm.

Change is inevitable.

We at People Ideas & Culture hope this report will help you take your business, and its positive impact, to the next level and become even more successful.

The Report Guide

As a humanity, we are facing challenges of such urgency and complexity that only a complete systemic change will get us to the required solutions. And we all have a role to play in this system.

We’ve divided this report into four chapters in order to understand the implications this change brings to different parts of any organization that wants to survive and thrive over the next few years.

Chapter One: Let’s Get Down to Business Chapter Two: The New Economic System Chapter Three: The New Way to Think of Marketing Chapter Four: The Shifting Business Model

The Antevort Council

These are the pioneers in sustainable business who share their experiences, knowledge and fire to inspire others to change the world. Thank you for all your insight and inspiration.

Joe Doucet​, ​Founder, Doucet x Partners

Joe was named national designer of the year in the Smithsonian Cooper-Hewitt National Design Award in 2017 for his incredible work over the years. Joe and his company have pushed the boundaries of design and industrial design to help improve the way we live and the world that surrounds us.

Kelly Elsner, Founder​ at​ Blue Dot

A sustainable promotional products (swag) company that is reimagining the $24.7 billion industry in both supply chain and customer experience. They source and curate intentionally-designed, quality products that inspire action.

Marc Oshima, Founder​ & CMO at ​AeroFarms

AeroFarms is leading the way to address our global food crisis by growing locally flavorful, healthy, pesticide-free leafy greens in a sustainable and socially responsible way.​​

Allie Dietzek, Founder​ at ​Reign Wala

A small business on a mission to give local artisans global access. They partner with local artisans in developing countries to bring their handmade and custom-made goods to customers around the world, operating a profit-sharing model so the makers benefit when goods are sold.

Jonathan Normand, Founder & Executive Director​ at ​B-Lab Switzerland

B-Lab Switzerland is the Swiss branch of a global non-profit organisation that supports a community of people using business as a force for good.

Carmen Bouyer, Ecological Artist, Designer, Educator & Community Organizer

Creator of collaborative experiences in cities placing urban society in better harmony with nature.

Nicolaas Koster, Founder ​at Penmon​

Penmon offers a cutting-edge data analytics platform that aims to make the complex and important task of corporate governance easier.

Rocio Fernandez Brusseau, Co-Founder of Ways

Rocio is a marketing strategist who co-founded Ways, a platform where travelers connect to local makers along the cultural routes of the world.

Katherine Clayton, Founder​ at​ Omni​Vis

OmniVis increases the efficiency of infectious disease monitoring and response by providing aid workers with rapid and accurate pathogen detection platforms at the point-of-care.

David Lidz, Founder​ at ​​Ladder to Leader

​A non-profit organization dedicated to helping people transition from Alcoholism and Addiction into productive members of society.

Dora Lutz, Founder​ at​ Giving Spring

​Consultancy help​ing​ CEOs ​to ​build aspirational businesses that create profitability and social impact.​

Melissa Manning, ​Serial Entrepreneur​​​

Built, amongst other businesses, the Audacious Founder, a platform to inspire, encourage, and support budding and veteran entrepreneurs on their journey, and The Gradient, a restaurant in Brooklyn, NY.

Rebecca Razzall, Founder​ at ​TEASTREAM

​A marketplace​ offering a seasonally curated selection of teas, herbs, and other rad treasures from an ecosystem that's tuned in.

Amy Hall, VP Social Consciousness​ at​ Eileen Fisher

Founded in 1984, they're known for their clothes made responsibly.

Sidney Badger, Founder​ at ​Public Habit

Introduc​es a new way to shop high quality fashion essentials,​ ​partner​ing​ directly with premier global manufacturers to produce in small batches and ship directly from the source.​

Angela Parker, Co-Founder ​& CEO​ at​​​​ Realized Worth

Supports companies to do volunteering better. Their programs empower employees to connect, engage and lead better through citizenship.

Chris Jarvis, Founder​ &​ Executive Director​ at​ RW Institute + Founder ​& CSO​ at ​Realized Worth

Chris co-founded Realized Worth, and is a founding member of IMPACT2030. He brings over 25 years of experience working with corporate and NPO executives to develop results-based impact strategies.

Floor van der Meulen​, Film Maker

Amongst other films, Floor directed The Last Male On Earth, a documentary on the last male northern white rhinoceros left on earth.

Barbara Coignet, Founder​ at​ 1.618 Paris

An agency based in Paris, animated by a creative team alongside experts, which identify, select and bring together the agents of change including brands, entrepreneurs, scientists, thinkers, NGOs, and artists.

Simon Brossard, Social Innovation, Strategy & Partnerships at Hystra​ Consulting

Hystra Consulting is a global consulting firm specialized in inclusive business.

Amr ElAlfy, Co-Founder and Managing Director​ at ​Synergy​ Sustainability & Development Group

Synergy is leading in data analysis to provide insights and reporting tools to help organizations in taking data-driven decisions about operational initiatives, risks, resilience, and performance reporting.

Marcus Samuelsson, Chef, Restaurateur, Author

Marcus Samuelsson is an acclaimed chef, a committed philanthropist; and the youngest person to ever receive a three-star review from The New York Times. His acclaimed TV series “No Passport Required” can be seen on PBS.

Catherine Davis, CMO at Feeding America

1 in 7 people struggle with hunger in the U.S.. Feeding America is a hunger relief organization with a nationwide network of food banks feeding the hungry.

Marian Leitner, Founder at Archer Roose

Archer Roose scours the best wine regions in the world to find partners who produce varietals every bit as luxurious as they are environmentally respectful.

Mayer Vafi, Founder at Norden

​Norden creates apparel made out of recycled plastic waste.

Puck Algera, Impact Strategist at Empact Co

Empact Co. is a leading impact consulting firm specialized in purpose and impact​ ​to support businesses to improve their social and environmental performance.

To the council members, and all individuals involved in the creation of the Antevort Report; you are exceptional makers of good. Each one of you are working towards making this world a better, fairer, and happier place.

We thank you.

The Chapters: Head-First Into the Future

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